A photographer who specialises in the contemporary photography of flowers, nature, gardens, products and landscapes.


Here you'll find wildflowers, native plants, garden flowers and foliage, and landscapes with a contemporary, colourful, artistic, and modern feel.


The aim is to create images that transcend the mere recording of a subject and become more artistic, with compositions that are a celebration of colour, light, shape, and intricate detail with the minimum of digital manipulation - “images as nature intended”.


The extensive use of macro photographic techniques provides dramatic and intimate portraits of flowers, plants, and nature. The object being to capture the beauty, shape and intricate detail of organic and botanical subjects through all of their life stages – from splendour to decay


Should you have an enquiry regarding a commission or images, please use the contact page to get in touch.


The Pure Image Works is a member of the Garden Media Guild and Professional Garden Photographers Association.